Last year we expanded the on-site event by including some loud speakers and some extra lights to enable a few speeches; we had David Coon (Green party) and Jody Carr (Conservative party) and Kate Rogers (City Deputy Mayor) and two musicians to perform with us (Moon Joyce & Colt Munn-Myshrall). 

        Rick Hutchins and Paul McDonnell (Executive Director and Head of the Board of Autism Connections Fredericton respectively) both gave brief welcome speeches. 

         Last year, for the first time, we also arranged to have 10 buildings in the city lit up in addition to the legislative assembly building.   This year we are hoping for a few more.  The buildings last year included:

• The Crowne Plaza Light House
•  City Hall
• Government House
• Stan Cassidy Centre
• Autism Connections Fredericton

What is happening this year?

Light it up blue 2017

Light it Up Blue was adopted by the United Nations in 2007 to shine a bright light on autism as a growing global health priority. Every year on World Autism Awareness Day, the advocacy organization, Autism Speaks, celebrates its international “Light It Up Blue” campaign.

            Thousands of iconic landmarks, skyscrapers, schools, businesses and homes across the globe unite by shining bright blue lights in honor of the millions of individuals and families affected by autism. Individuals everywhere wear blue in honor of our community.

• The Beaverbrook Gallery
• Gallery 78
• The Playhouse
• The Convention Centre
• Issacs Way


World Autism Awareness Day: Light it Up Blue

For the past several years we have arranged to light up the front wall of the Legislative Assembly Building on the evening of April 2nd. We also hold a small assembly of families, adults with ASD and the public. This year, WAAD falls on Easter Monday night.

           This year's assembly will take place on the front walkway and steps of the legislature from 8 to 9 PM on Monday, April 2nd.

We will set up our speakers and mics and lights from about 7 PM onward and clean-up would be done immediately following the ceremony. 

Autism Connections Fredericton