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WHAT: We, at Autism Connections Fredericton, are undertaking a tour of the province for the purpose of discovering the future needs for persons on the spectrum and their families.  This tour is a follow-up to our workshop on Adult Life with Autism Workshop delivered by Dr. Greg MacDuff in September 2017.  We are doing this tour in all regions served by the 11 Autism Resource Centres and with financial support from the Department of Social Development. In each centre, we hope to meet with a representative sample of persons dealing with issues that affect adults on the spectrum.  When the tour is completed we will prepare a report summarizing the needs or services identified in different parts of the province.

WHY: The province of NB is interested in providing enhanced services to adults on the autism spectrum.  This tour is designed to communicate directly with self -advocates and families to ensure that the province has the most accurate idea possible of what services may be required and what form those services may take.

WHO: Our main focus is to communicate with self-advocates and families who currently support adult persons on the spectrum. We will not have the time or resources to meet in person with every individual who has an interest in adult services so we will provide opportunities for other persons or groups to submit written statements or talk with one of our interviewers by telephone. We will rely heavily on the local resource centres and provincial partner organizations (e.g., Premier’s Council for the Disabled) to select a cross section of their adult autism community to participate in our face-to-face sessions. 

WHERE and WHEN: We will be scheduling visits to the 11 Autism Resource Centres and their regions between February and March, 2019. The 11 Resource Centres*

*See Attached page for a list of addresses and contact information.

HOW: We want to be as flexible as possible and receive information from a broad range of community members. On the other hand, we have limited funds and time so we need to reach contributors in different ways. We will set up at least three focus groups in each region we visit. Each focus group will serve a distinct interest group such as self-advocates, family members for adults not able to speak for themselves, and service providers. Each group will be limited to about 8 participants. Sessions will be conducted in either French or English as needed. In some cases, based on level of interest, we may be able to do extra sessions. For those not able to attend a focus group, we will offer an opportunity to contribute by means of a written submission.  For those not able to contribute in these options, we will be able to offer telephone interviews for a limited number of contributors.

 Next Step: Contact Autism Connections Fredericton (e-mail to or by phone: 450-6025) for more information on how to participate and where and when sessions will be held in your community.



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